Quick Trip to Serbia: Part I

Last saturday I decided to make a quick trip to Belgrade, Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, “one of those eastern Europe countries” for those of you who didn’t know.
I spent a few days running all around and partying like crazy, I humbly think, that Belgrade is one of the best party cities, you can find something for almost any taste, and there are a sh*tload of places to go, be it bars, clubs or parks.
I mean every city has bars and clubs, and those kind of things, but what makes Belgrade special, is that people love to party and go out, you’ll find all the bars full even on workdays, and everything seems so cheap from a western point of view, especially if you’re used to prices in France.
So, drinks are cheap, people are quite open and like to show foreigners another side of the country than what they usually see on tv when it’s about Serbia, the girls are like, mega hot, I suppose guys are too, but a girl should confirm that last one. And did i speak about food? Holly cr*p, if you love meat you’ll love serbian food, if you’re a veggie…you’ll have some hard time over there. It’s simple, inexpensive and tasty I would love to find some of those things closer to Paris, it would save me some money…

The highlight of the trip was seeing my best friend again, and his brother, it was too long since whe saw each other the last time. I met some interesting people, had a lot of fun overall, had some great food (i’ll have to double up my jogging efforts because of that last one), and went to a few interesting places that opened recently. 

One of those places was the garden of a “club” called KC Drugstore, it has its own unique feeling, it’s really like a overgrown, unattended garden, which was adapted McGuyver style into a “dance podium” with some seats here and there. You kind of get the houseparty feeling, and you’re cozy. The music was great, really great, all that was prepared by my best friend’s brother, who took turn on the mix decks between the rest of the Mystic Stylez crew.

Then, the suprise was a newly open bar on the rooftop (well…almost the rooftop) of a old huge print facility, it has a beautiful view on the city, especially by night. And it reminds me a lot of the “Frigos de Paris” in Paris, I suppose most of you don’t know what it is, but it’s a not well know place in Paris that could be a great place to visit, and change you from the normal sightseeing of Paris. Hmm, maybe I’ll make a post about that, could be interesting.

And lastly, the old Fort of Kalemegdan, built a few centuries ago, when the Ottoman Empire was invading the Kingdom of Serbia, it’s still up, and it’s a great place. It’s a mix of a huge park, and a old huge fort which overlooks all of Belgrade…the sight from there is just beautiful. And sometime, it hosts festivals, and partying in an old fort is quite the experience.

Meh, next time I guess I’ll go there with some friends and make them discover what i rediscovered.
And as a end note, I would recommend Belgrade to anyone. Forget what you think you know about Serbia, and go see it with your own eyes, then come back and tell me how you found it.

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